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Check Out The New Slowdown Kids Shirts

The Slowdown Clothing Kids T-shirt Subscription is a chance for your child, to receive a new package every month. the packages include some products listed in the image above. 

There are 3 different levels of Boxes. The amount of items increases with the box level. The images of T-shirts above are only an example there will be new shirts available every month. 

We are working on setting up the Accounts page so you can sign up and adjust the settings as your child grows. Once that is up, you can sign up agree to the terms, and we will charge your chosen payment method each month and then ship the shirts. 

We also encourage spreading the word about our products. whether its just photos of your child wearing our gear, coloring their coloring books or anything else fun. We want everyone to be involved in the growing of our brand. you can also submit videos of your child opening their boxes to us and we will post it on our youtube channel and other social media outlets.